Updated information about countries and self-isolation requirements for passengers from Europe travelling to Estonia

Based on the coronavirus infection rate, starting from Monday 3 August, the two-week self-isolation period is mandatory for people arriving from Austria and Switzerland.

People arriving to Estonia from European Union or Schengen Area need to follow the self-isolation requirements, when arriving in Estonia from the country where the coronavirus infection rate is above 16. The list of such countries is updated every Friday and updates will take force the following week starting on Monday. The infection rate shows how many people per 100 000 inhabitants have contracted the virus in the country of departure within the past 14 days. Anyone arriving in Estonia from the country with a higher infection rate than 16 must go through the self-isolation for two weeks upon arrival.

Weekly updated lists are available on the website of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Additionally, based on the recommendation of the Council of the European Union, from 6 July Estonia has opened its border to some countries outside the European Union that have a low infection rate.

All those persons without symptoms to whom the right to enter Estonia was extended in the past, can enter the country and do not have to self-isolate, for instance:

  • people who are directly involved in the transport of goods and raw materials, including the loading of goods or raw materials
  • employees of a foreign diplomatic representation or consular post in Estonia, their family members or foreigners arriving in Estonia in the framework of international military cooperation
  • providers of healthcare or other services necessary for dealing with an emergency
  • people who are directly involved in the international carriage of goods and passengers, including crew members serving an international means of transport and persons providing repair, warranty work or maintenance of the means of transport
  • people who serve travel groups and are directly involved in the provision of passenger transport services
  • people whose purpose of arrival in Estonia is related to ensuring the continuity of a vital service
  • people whose arrival in Estonia is related to work on the maintenance, repair, warranty or information and communication technology of the equipment of an enterprise operating in Estonia, if it is necessary to ensure the operation of the enterprise
  • people who have received a special permit for entering the country


Self-isolation means that the individual is obligated to refrain from unnecessary contacts for 14 days from their arrival in Estonia and is allowed to leave their place of residence or accommodation only for seeing a doctor, shopping for food, essentials and medicines, and in emergencies. Additional questions about exceptions from self-quarantine rules are answered by Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.