Estonia and Switzerland

Switzerland recognised the Republic of Estonia on 22 April 1921.

Switzerland never recognised the annexation of Estonia by the Soviet Union and re-recognised the Republic of Estonia on 28 August 1991. Diplomatic relations were restored on 4 September 1991.

After Estonia’s re-independence, the first ambassador named to Switzerland was Toivo Tasa (1995-1999), residing in Vienna. He was followed by Mart Laanemäe (2000-2003), Katrin Saarsalu-Layachi (2003-2009 and 2011-2012), Gert Antsu (2013-2017) and Toomas Kukk (2018 – 2022). As of 22 November 2022 the Estonian ambassador to the Swiss Confederation is Merle Pajula, who resides in Vienna.

For more information about the bilateral relations of Switzerland and Estonia, please visit website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia.